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Density Balances

Density Balances (0.1 mg - 10 kg)

Density Balances : - Contech Instruments is one of The Best Manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Density Balances, Density scales, Density Analyzer machines in India.

Density Determination Kit is available in 2 types one to be mounted on the pan and the other type is with attachment for weigh below the balance.

Density Determination Kit consists density weighing pan assembly, stainless steel base for beaker, glass beaker, optional sinker for testing materials having density less than water and software (program) for density determination.

Facility for programming density of liquid (other than water) and temperature of water.

Incase of multiple samples, storage of all the sample weights in air first and then in water, viewing of density of individual samples one by one on the display
Determination of density of liquid samples (Optional).
Determination of air release value for oil samples (Optional).
Range :

  • 0.1 mg - 230g
  • 1mg – 500g
  • 0.01g – 5kg
  • 0.1g – 10kg
Density Balances
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