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Moisture Balances

Moisture Balances (0.001 g - 220 g)

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Contech Moisture Analyzer incorporates rapid Halogen heating with EMFC precision weighing technology to determine moisture content of samples quickly and effectively.

  • Easy & Fast Moisture Determination
  • 3 types of Testing Methods:- Manual, Time Programmable, Automatic
  • Weighing based on EMFC technique
  • Halogen lamp heating
  • Temperature range upto 2000C (1°C)
  • Moisture range: 0.05% to 100
  • Moisture measurement: Unit-
  • 1. % wet base
    2. % dry base dry weight
    3. % dry to wet weight
  • Display of time, temperature, weight & percentage moisture
  • Graphical backlight LCD for displaying setup parameters, testing parameters & results
  • Standard bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • Data storage upto 50 tests
  • 10 programmable memory
  • Study of Pattern of Moisture loss by printing/Display on computer screen of online data-elapsed time, present sample weight and moisture loss. Elapsed time interval can be programmed -10,20,30,60 & 120 Seconds
Models CB 50 (M) CA-123 (M) CA-223(M)
Capacity 50g 120g 220g
Readability 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g
Pan Size 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm

Moisture Content:

  • Accuracy: 0.05% for sample above 5g
  • 0.1% for sample below 5g
  • Resolution: 0.1%


Taring Range : Up to full capacity
Response time : 4 to 6 secs
Display : Backlite LCD
Power Req : 90-250V, 50/60Hz, 550 Watt
Operating Temperature : 10 to 45 deg C
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