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Polari Meter

Polari Meter: - Contech Instruments is One of The Best Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Polari Meter, Polari meters, Digital Polari meters, Polari meter Instrument, Digital Abbe Refract meters, Digital Melting Point Apparatus,Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India.

Polarimeter measures the optical rotation of substances which helps to determine concentration and purity in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic Industries. The unit displayed is in International Sugar Scale (ISS)


  • Based on optical null principle.
  • Large Backlite LCD screen.
  • Calculation of average & RMS value.
  • RS-232 Interface.
  • Measurement of dark sample upto 1% transmittance.
  • Various types of sample tubes, sample tube length 100 mm and 200mm.
  • Measures optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and sugar content.

Specifications (ISS)

 Measuring Range                            :                                 -120o to 120 o Z
   Resolution                                         :                                +0.001o Z
   Accuracy                                             :                                +/- (0.03Z + measured value X 0.05%)
   Light Source                                      :                                Sodium Lamp 589 Nm
   Lowest sample transmittance       :                                1%
   Power Supply                                    :                                 220 V +/-10%, 50Hz
   imensions                                         :                                  600x320x220mm
   Weight                                                :                                  30kg
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Abbe Refractometers measure the refractive index (nD) of transparent, translucent liquids and solid substances. It is also used to measure percentage of solids (brix) of sugar solutions as well as temperature compensated brix values.

  • Measurement of refractive index of transparent, translucent liquids and solid substances.
  • Measurement of percentage of solids in sugar solution (brix).
  • Automatic temperature correction of brix.
  • RS-232 Interface.
  • Backlite LCD.
  • Prism made of hard glass


 Measuring Range                                                              :            Refractive Index nD : 1.3000 to 1.7000
                                                                                                               Brix : 0 to 95%
                                                                                                               Brix-TC : 0 to 95%
    Accuracy : Refractive Index nD                                        :            +/-0.0002
    Brix                                                                                       :      &nbs;      +/-0.1%
    Range of temperature display                                        :             0 to 50 o
     Range of temperature for correction of Brix value     :              15 to 45 o
    Power Supply                                                                     :             220 V +/-10%, 50Hz
    Dimension                                                                         :              330x180x380mm
    Weight                                                                                 :             10 kg
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Model : CDMP-300

Melting Point Apparatus measures the melting point of a substance i.e. the temperature at which the state of the substance changes from solid to liquid. The actual melting point is an indication of the purity of a substance and hence an ideal tool for the quality control of medicines, perfumes, dyestuff and other organic crystalline substances.

  • Photo Electric detection.
  • Large Backlite LCD display.
  • RS-232 Interface.
  • Measurement of 3 samples simultaneously.
  • Display of initial and final melting points.
  • Calculation of average value of initial and final melting points.
  • Platinum resistor sensor for the precise temperature measurement.
  • Capillary sample tube as stipulated by pharmacopoeia


   Measuring Range of Melting point     :              Ambient to 300oC
     Resolution                                              :              0.1oC
     Rate of heating(oC/min)                      :               0.2,0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 3, 4, 5 Accuracy : +0.5oC upto200 oC, +0.8 oC from 200 oC to 300 oC 
    Cooling time( 300 to 50oC)                  :               5 mins
    Capillary sample tube size                   :               OD 1.4mm, ID 1mm
    Power Supply                                          :                220 V +/-10%, 50Hz, 100 Watt
    Dimensions                                            :                 400 x 280 x 210 mm
    Weight                                                      :                 12.5 kg
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